VMWare Workstation virtual machine – how it works

There are a huge number of virtual machines (VMS) on the modern software market, but our current review is dedicated to VMWare Workstation. It is a program designed for simultaneous installation and use of multiple operating systems from a single computer.

How to install VMWare Workstation

Installing VMWare Workstation is exactly the same as any other program. After the application window appears on your computer, you will see all the available virtual machines in the left part of it, and in the right part you will see the working window itself, which is used for managing them.

Special attention should be paid to creating a VM. In VMWare Workstation, there are two ways: normal and selective. After selecting the configuration type, you need to select compatible programs and the operating system itself. Then a list of settings will be automatically offered.

It is important that you can not only choose the type of operating system, but also the number of cores involved in the operation. However, experienced users are advised not to spend too much resources on the guest OS. Increased resource consumption will only slow down the device, but will not affect the performance of the guest OS. During installation, you are also asked to select the amount of RAM. As a rule, it is sufficient to choose the value proposed by the system automatically, but the setting can be performed in the manual mode.

Next, select the network type, hard disk location, and enter the system name. to do this, you can create a virtual hard disk yourself or use the one you created earlier.

Configuration pass

After that, you can start running. During operation, the software can be paused, and all the entered settings and parameters will be saved. To disable it, just click on the corresponding button in the work window. It is important that sooner or later the VM will have to stop working, because it will accumulate extra files that slow down the device.

You can use the VM even after reinstalling the main OS. To do this, just open the working window and copy it.

In General, VMWare Workstation can be called useful software. This program has a high functionality and a simple interface, and allows you to perform operations on different operating systems without negative consequences for the computer.