How to attract new customers and earn a lot

Customers are our everything. The more customers, the more revenue. The more revenue, the more expenses you can afford and the stronger the business. Accordingly, in order for more and more expenses to be able to afford, in order for the business to grow stronger, we need new customers, and we need them constantly, because customers are the basis of business, the main link of business.

What do customers need, why do they go shopping?

The only thing that can be done in order to live better and better is to overcome this point, to overcome this wall. I did it, so I got a stream of new clients, so I improved my life. How do I attract new customers? It is clear that you can attract new customers only if they are somewhere. Where can new clients be found? Probably from competitors. Accordingly, when you decide how to attract new customers, the first thought comes to the expense of taking customers away from competitors.

Customers usually need a new product. Everything they needed before, they usually already bought and want to buy something new. That’s why they go shopping. If they don’t buy Your product, it means that it looks like an old one to them and they need a new product. But there is a problem, because it is difficult to create a new product, especially if You are not a manufacturer, and there is nowhere to put the old product.

How to attract new customers without problems

In order to solve this problem, there is one very effective solution. It consists in creating a new look at the old product and as a result, the product will look new. It seems improbable that an old product can be made new, but the fact is that it is real. It is real because each person has their own inner world, their own needs, and the problem is just that the customer does not see how their need can be met through. Your product, which means that they need to explain it to them.

Why do people have to explain everything? Just because they often don’t know what they need. Accordingly, standard approaches such as: how can I help you or how much money you expect just don’t work. What works? If you want to understand how to attract new customers, you must understand this. The only thing that works is what offends the person, what causes cognitive dissonance or, in other words, confusion in him.

Therefore, the buyer does not always buy what the seller offers him, but only if he is the same as the seller and he needs the same as the seller. Accordingly, it is necessary to describe the product in as much detail as possible in order to highlight its other characteristics. While you are describing the product, you will have a lot of interesting ideas about how to attract new customers.

It is necessary to highlight all the characteristics, not just those that the seller considers important. The buyer may consider completely different characteristics of the product important. You can do all this in your mind, but it is better to create a corresponding table on paper or in electronic form and write everything down there. So it’s better to remember the characteristics.

What clients need and how to get them

At first, it will be difficult to build bundles, but over time and with experience, they will be built automatically. The more often you use a bundle, the better it will be for you. Someone will succeed immediately, someone for the third time, someone for the fifth, and someone only for the tenth, but it will always work. You just have to take it and try it. Each new bundle that you build will open up new sides of the old product to the customer. And of course, you need to have a model of customer behavior.

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